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What is Cagic?

Cagic is a digital picture frame created to fundamentally change the way consumers display their pictures.  Designed by a European trained interior stylist using quality materials and a passionate attention to detail, Cagic will compliment any décor. 

The frame features touch matting technology that allows the user to intuitively operate the frame. Cagic is designed to provide a simple and intuitive user interface to an audience that does not want to figure out how to operate another gadget. 


Where can I buy Cagic?

Cagic is for sale on this site. Buy one today.  


How does Cagic work?

Cagic uses touch matting operation, meaning you can interact with their frame simply by sampling touching the matting on the sides of the frame’s screen to navigate pictures or operate the frame.  Easy on-screen instructions allow you to intuitively operate the frame and create the experience you want. 


Is my Cagic frame covered by warranty?

To find out more about the one year warranty covering Cagic, please visit our warranty page.  


Are there different colors and sizes of Cagic available?

Cagic is available in three frame finishes birch, mahogany and black.  At this time, it is available only in the 8” size.  


How is Cagic Pronounced?

Cagic is pronounced [ka.jic].  Just think “magic” and you can pronounce Cagic.