cagic help

Where can I find my memory card on my digital camera?
Most digital cameras hold your memory card behind a door. It is usually located near or in the battery compartment. Simply locate the door and open it to reveal the memory card.

How do I turn my digital picture frame on?
Plug your Cagic™ frame in the wall and touch the touch-sensitive metal matting around the LCD screen. Any touch will turn the frame on.
What types of Memory Cards can I use?
You can use almost all memory cards currently in use today. This includes SD, MMC, CF, Memory Stick, Memory Stick Duo (with adapter) and xD. You can also connect a USB flash drive to the USB port, plug most digital cameras directly into the frame, or connect the frame to a PC to copy pictures to the frame.

Can I use my frame vertically and horizontally?
Of course! Simply turn the frame 90 degrees and everything will adjust automatically. The Cagic™ frame will display in portrait or landscape mode and adjust your photos appropriately.

The Cagic™ frame will automatically size the picture to fit the orientation. If you wish to preserve the full photo in view, simply set the frame to Letterbox mode. Consult your manual for more information.

What photo formats can I view on the Cagic™ digital frame?
The Cagic™ frame is optimized to use the most common photo format on the market: JPG. It will read and display any JPG files.

Can I play music on my Cagic™ digital frame? Video?
We set out to make the Cagic™ frame as simple as possible. While other gadgets on the market try to do everything, we firmly believe that frames are best when they do what they are meant to well: show your photographs.

Given you almost certainly have a computer, a TV and a stereo, they will all play music and videos far better than a digital frame ever could. To that end, the Cagic™ frame specifically does just one thing very well: make it easy for you to copy your photos onto a frame and view them.

What if I need help? Is there phone support?
Of course. Help is available 24 hours a day/7 days a week at 1-877-48-CAGIC (starting September 10th). You can also e-mail us at

How do I copy pictures on to my frame?

There are many ways to do this but the easiest is just to put your card in the Cagic™ frame. You’ll find all the slots behind the door on your frame. From there, the frame will ask if you want to copy your pictures to the frame. Just say yes and that’s all you need to do. You can also plug most cameras into the frame via the USB slot, as well as a USB flash drive. You can also connect your frame directly to your PC or Mac. The frame will appear as a flash drive. From there, just copy what you want onto the frame.

Please note if you connect your frame to the PC, it does not run TrueVu™ or CPO5™ on the photos. The frames, in their original size and resolution will be copied over.

How does sync work?
The Cagic™ frame makes it easy to copy photographs over to the frame, and will keep doing so until the memory is full. Once the memory is full (after 10,000 pictures), it will make room by removing the oldest photos on the frame, by the date they were taken. It will not remove any locked photographs on the frame.

Can I save pictures on my frame?
Of course! To make sure a sync never removes a photo, you can lock the photo in place. When the photo is displayed on the screen, simply press and hold the bottom matting for two seconds and it will prompt you to lock the photo. This tells the Cagic™ frame that it should never automatically remove the picture to make room for other photos. It also will ask you to unlock the picture prior to a manual delete to prevent accidental deletion.

What else does the Cagic frame do?
Lots! Cagic™ can run automatically out of the box, or you can customize it to your taste. This includes:


  • Viewing only horizontal or vertical photos
  • Selecting photos by thumbnail or by date
  • Setting delay and transition effects
  • A neat pan and zoom, to add some effects to your photos
  • Automatic on and off times
    and much more. Please see the user manual for more information, or just explore the settings menu.

How do I clean my frame?
To clean the wood, a wood polish like Pledge works best. For the metal and LCD screen, please use a damp cloth with a glass cleaner. Please do not apply the cleaning solution directly to the frame. Spray first on a paper towel.

Always make sure the frame is unplugged from the wall before cleaning.

How do I program my digital picture frame for slide shows or to adjust the picture?
It’s automatic! If you want to twiddle the dials (so to speak), go into the frame settings to explore all the options for adjusting transitions, display, timing and more.
How many pictures will my digital picture frame hold?
The Cagic8™ Digital Picture Frame will hold up to 10,000 photographs on its 1GB SD card, which ships preinstalled with every frame. All photographs, when copied via a memory card or USB drive, are automatically compressed and optimized for display on the frame using our TrueVu™ technology. They are compressed via our CPO5™ technology to ensure that you can get the most out of your frame.
What is the warranty on my digital picture frame?
Each Cagic™ product carries a manufacturer’s warranty of one year from the date of purchase to the original purchaser, if you have your original sales receipt and purchased your player at an authorized retailer. Please refer to your User’s Guide for details.

How do I contact Cagic™ Customer Service?
Cagic™ Customer Service is available to help you anytime, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Please call our toll free number from the United States or Canada at: 1-877-48-CAGIC (starting September 10th). You can also e-mail us at